Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogging Mom!!

Okay so I have done it!! I started a couponing blog and I am running with it. Finding coupons, giveaways, and freebies has become my obsession! There is even a way to make a little shopping money from this project and I intend to grow my blog and make it a huge success! Well maybe I won't be a millionaire, but maybe a dollionaire? LOL Gotta go update my other blog now!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My new blog (Texas Frugality)

Okay so I have decided that in order to save more money I need to take on the couponing and freebies full-time! I have started a new blog that will focus on couponing, freebies and giveaways so that I can help others save money while I educate myself! Please take a look, follow and comment if you like! Look for giveaways soon and don't forget to click my ads and sponsors!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting used to my soon to be Teenager!

Once upon a time a had a sweet little boy that adored me.......then one day he woke up and was replaced by a grumbling, moody pre-teen. Don't get me wrong, Michael is a dream as far as children go, Honor student, Band member, and volunteer all star. I just long for the days when he would crawl into my lap and ask me how much I loved him, and my answer would always be "All the way to the sky and back, a hundred million times, plus forever". I know my son loves me, but it is no longer cool to show it apparently! Last night there was a reminder that he will always be my little boy, as I said goodnight to him he asked me "Mom, how much do you love me?", and I have to admit he caught me by surprise. I turned to him and all I could see was that sweet little boy that would crawl in my lap, and I answered" All the way to the sky and back a hundred million times, plus forever!"

Online safety at it's best!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Autism and Lady Gaga!

My 4 year old has decided that Lady Gaga is his hero!! He constantly wants to listen to her and cries when her songs are over! "Where did Lady Gaga go?" is a regular inquiry in our household! I would be concerned about his song choices, but Lady Gaga has him singing and talking, so for that I thank her! He is not the only autistic child at his therapy center who responds to Lady Gaga, in fact there are several!! I think Matthew feels that "Born this Way" speaks to him!! LOL!

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