Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting used to my soon to be Teenager!

Once upon a time a had a sweet little boy that adored me.......then one day he woke up and was replaced by a grumbling, moody pre-teen. Don't get me wrong, Michael is a dream as far as children go, Honor student, Band member, and volunteer all star. I just long for the days when he would crawl into my lap and ask me how much I loved him, and my answer would always be "All the way to the sky and back, a hundred million times, plus forever". I know my son loves me, but it is no longer cool to show it apparently! Last night there was a reminder that he will always be my little boy, as I said goodnight to him he asked me "Mom, how much do you love me?", and I have to admit he caught me by surprise. I turned to him and all I could see was that sweet little boy that would crawl in my lap, and I answered" All the way to the sky and back a hundred million times, plus forever!"

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